ROK Mobile: Unlimited International & Domestic Talk and Text Plan for $20 on ROK Yellow


ROK & Dealer News
April 27th, 2018

Dear Partner,

On May 1st, ROK Mobile will be introducing Unlimited International & Domestic Talk and Text for $20/month on ROK Yellow! International Talk & Texting spans over 60 countries. For a complete list of countries to call, click here. For a complete list of countries to text, click here.

The new plan and replenishment capability will be available on all ROK Mobile TSPs at launch on REUP with E-Maze.domc

The ROK Mobile Dealer Compensation on this specific plan is structured differently, with a 40% MRC instant activation spiff and ongoing replenishment margins of 25% per transaction! ROK Mobile’s device subsidy program will not be eligible on this plan. Click here for the updated ROK Mobile Dealer Compensation Exhibit.

Additionally, specifically for this plan only, any non-replenishment of the customer’s second month will not adversely affect the dealer’s Second Month Replenishment Rate calculation, which saves you from any negative effects against your residuals and compensation adjustments. All other Compensation Adjustment scenarios remain in effect.

Digital collateral highlighting the new plan are available to download:

  • Click here for ‘Call the World’ poster
  • Click here for ‘Unlimited International & Domestic Talk and Text’ poster

If you have any questions, please contact Dealer Support at or (323) 381-5664

Thank you!